Downloads for Dreambox

Dreambox Edit Dreambox Edit

Dreambox Control Center Dreambox Control Center DCC

Dreamup Tool for install images

Addon for Gemini Image to install the Cam´s via Web Gemini_CCcam_online installall tool

Addon for Dreambox to generate easy the CCcam.prio files Enigmaplugin-CCcam_priomaker_0.5


Dreambox Images

Bootloader Second stage für DM800 secondstage-dm800se-84.nfi

Gemini Image for Dreambox 500 HD Gemini2-image-510-dm500hd

Gemini Image for Dreambox 800 HD Gemini2-image-510-dm800hd

Gemini Image for Dreambox 800 HD Clone Gemini2-image-500HD-dm800HD-clone

Gemini Image for Dreambox 500 Enigma 1 Gemini_0470_DM500_with_CCcam_2.2.1_support Note: For upgrading the image you need the Dreamup Tool

How to flash a Dreambox 500


Downloads for Openbox S9

OpenBox Upgrade Tool Openbox Upgrade Tool

OpenBox S9 RS232 Bootloader Tool Bootloader Tool for Openbox S9

Channel list Openbox-s9-Skybox-s9-senderliste-astra192

Setedit prof. Tool to edit the channels Setedit full version for all Openbox/Skybox models



One of the best remote access tools download



CCcam downloads and CCcam tools

Download CCcam_2.0.11and CCcam_2.2.1

Download CCcam.cfg file in Deutsch

Download CCcam.channelinfo_16-04-20111 and CCcam.providers_16-04-2011

Download CCcam_Info_PHP

Download Dreambox_config_creator



CCcam installation How to

How to for Blade BM7000s blade_bm7000s_cccam_how_to.pdf and the right firmware BM7000s-122p-25-04-11.stb

How to setup an Openbox or Skybox for CCcam

How to add a cline for CCcam in an Openbox X5

Set edit fullversion a professional tool for edit/create a channel list for all Skybox and Openbox models

How to CCcam setup for a Spiderbox How_to_CCcam_Setup_for_a_Spiderbox via_USB_or_remote_control.pdf and the server.cfg file

How to patch a Spiderbox HD receiver SD 5000, 7000 HD, 9000HD, 9900 HD included gift patches

How to CCcam for a Opticum 9600HD How_to_CCCAM_setup_Opticum_HD_9600_HD_TS_9600_S20_TS20.pdf and here the download manual and a sample softcam.key file

Spiderbox channel edtitor how to How_to_use_the_channel_editor_for_a_Spiderbox.pdf download the Spiderbox Channel Editor

Spiderbox 6000 HD patch for CCcam

How to install Mgcamd and CCcam for Oozoon Image CCcam_Mgcamd_Oozoon_image_ipk.rar

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