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CLine cccam Sky UK (c line or shareline)

It doesn't matter which receiver you use, Dreambox, Openbox, Azbox Blade, etc, we have the right tools to allow you to view the encrypted channels. At the moment you can get the full Sky UK package incl. MUTV, Chelsea TV, Setanta Sports, Box Nation, Premier Sports, ESPN and Zee TV.
Our cline is freeze free. We do not put hundreds of clients on our servers like most cardservers do.
If you would like to test our cline before you buy? No problem, feel free to send and email to: contact@c-linie.com

Our card server technic specifications

We are using only Debain server for our card sharing servers. Our servers are hosted in data centers in Eastern Europe and connected to the Internet with a bandwith of 100 Mbit. Thats why we have an
uptime of 95% per year. Also we use our own developed software to monitor the system 24 hours a day, this helps prevent system failure and ensures you have trouble free viewing.

Supported Devices

Ccam is running on most of all Linux Sat Receivers, like: DBox2, Dreambox, Openbox, Skybox, VU+ Solo/Duo, Blackbox, IPbox, Ocatgon, Madbox, Azbox, Fortis, Blade, Spiderbox and many, many more......

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